Art selection

The cycle of programs is dedicated to artists of different eras and directions, whose creativity and personal life have become a unique example of opposition to the norms of the era. The authors of the project set themselves the task of discovering still unknown pages of the history of fine art and taking a fresh look at the already known facts. "We tried to make a program for people who love visual art and want to know more about it," says artistic director Julia Tikhonova. "It could be a story of a picture that is little known to a broad audience, or a little-known name of an author whose works are known to everyone, or, say, an unknown facet of the artist's work that could be known as a painter, but turned out to be a book schedule." Each issue consists of several stories telling about the history of the development of painting, graphics, sculpture, architecture, design, fashion, photo art and modern artistic means of expression, such as installations, performances, street art. The project involved artists, architects and art historians.
Create a visual design of the program, including the intro and titles for the interview. The video should contain the famous works of the greatest artists and architects. Animate each picture and divide them by epoch.
Client:TV Channel Russia
Work:Motion Design